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Q. Who introduced Mexico’s national sport of football?

Q. Who was the mining baron of the Pachuca silver mines?

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8th September 2014, Heartlands, Pool. Redruth. “Cornwall- Hidalgo, an Enduring Connection”

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Mexico’s “Little Cornwall” lies 60 miles, 95km NE of Mexico City in the Pachuca and Real del Monte area within the State of Hidalgo. Hover over the questions below to find out why!

Q. How can you tell the difference between a Cornish Mine Engine House and a Mexican one?

Q. Where will you find a British graveyard in Mexico?

Q. Who makes more pasties: Cornwall or Mexico?

There can be few places that have been so deeply influenced by emigrating Cornish miners than the Pachuca and Real del Monte (aka Mineral del Monte) area of Mexico. Today these communities celebrate their British heritage and culture to their economic gain.

During the 1820’s mineworkers from Cornwall arrived in Mexico to rehabilitate abandoned silver mines. Funded by British capital the Cornish brought their mining expertise and steam engine technology to newly independent Mexico.

The Cornish presence in Pachuca and Real del Monte is indelibly stamped on the landscape in the shape of Cornish-type engine houses, places of worship and architecture. The region is famous for pastes, introduced by Cornish ‘Cousin Jacks. In Real del Monte they also introduced football which was to become Mexico’s national sport  and passion.

The principal aim of the Cornish-Mexican Cultural Society is to advance the awareness of the historical significance of the historical and present day links between Cornwall and Mexico’s “Little Cornwall”.

The Cornish Mexican Cultural Society aims to increase awareness of these significant links to the betterment of those communities in both countries.

The late Richard Williams MBE was instrumental in strengthening the links and forming the Cornish Mexican Cultural Society. This website is largely drawn from his archives.